4 Arm Turnstile
Turnstiles offer an excellent means of creating a flow in one direction allowing customers easy entry while discretely directing them to exit at a monitored location.
Swing Gates - Self Closing
Mechanical and electric locking swing gates are a popular alternate to turnstiles, to control how customers enter and exit your premises.
Handicap Gate Systems - Magnetic / Locking
Handicap gates are designed to provide easy access for the disabled person while providing a barrier to others attempting to exit.
2 Way Auto Swing Security Gate
The slimmest automatic opening gate in the market place providing a perfect access control solution for a distinguished entrance or exit route.
Lockable Self Closing Gate Systems

This gate has been design to meet the needs of a manual closing swing gate and the barrier of a manual locking gate, all in one.

Locking Closure Gate Systems

Manual locking gates were originally designed for check out closures but they are also widely used for handicap access and barriers where limited access is required.

Post & Rail Systems

Turnstile Security Systems Inc.’s railings and posts are widely used because of their strength, quality and good appearance.

Cart Bumper

Turnstile Security Systems Inc. have developed cart control products to help protect your expensive refrigeration units, walls and displays from shopping cart damage or removal from store premises

Corner Protector
Turnstile Security Systems Inc offers two types of corner protectors, permanently mounted or removable.
Case Protector Systems
Protect your expensive refrigeration units and displays from damage caused by shopping carts and pallet trucks.
Portable Posts Systems

Turnstile Security Systems Inc’s posts are rugged, attractive and flexible - a retractable belt system that is versatile, easy to store or configure, simple and flexible to use, and built to last.

3 Arm Turnstile - Electrical / Mechanical
Turnstile Security Systems Inc’s 1100 series line of waist high turnstiles provide an excellent means of controlling and counting the flow of pedestrian traffic in and out of your facility.